Red Ribbon Club : Introduction

Red Ribbon is an international symbol of HIV/AIDS awareness since 1991. Red Ribbon Club (RRC) is a movement started by the Government of India in educational institutes through which students will be made aware about AIDS and it stands in support of those who suffer from AIDS. It is a youth initiative on HIV/AIDS. The colour red was chosen for its connection to blood and represents the pain suffered by many people living with AIDS. Red like love is a symbol of passion and tolerance for those affected. Red also reflects the anger for a disease which still has no cure and is a sign of warning to not carelessly ignore one of the biggest problems of our time. The tails of the ribbon pointing down was chosen to symbolize life flowing away. Red ribbon is a conscious raising symbol and is not a commercial or trademark tool. December 1st is observed as World AIDS Day to emphasize solidarity and support for people living with HIV.

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